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Reduced Fee Osteoapthy

Would you, or anyone you know, benefit from Osteopathic Treatment at a reduced cost? Bookings are now open for Osteopathic treatment by our Intern Osteopath, Eideann (Eden) Lear. She will be working on Tuesday afternoons, from 19th February 2024. Our patients are welcome to try an Intern treatment &/or alternate treatment with their regular Osteopath.
Intern Initial Osteopathic consultation        $50
Intern Return Osteopathic consultation      $40

About Osteopathic Interns
An Osteopathic Intern has completed four years of full-time formal study with 6 months remaining. They have been deemed safe and competent to practice Osteopathy by the University in which they are studying. As Interns are not fully qualified, they are closely supervised by a senior Osteopath(s) who has been practising for a minimum of five years. The Universities’ Insurance fully covers the Osteopathic Intern for all Osteopathic Treatment where this is provided at an approved practise (Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic) with an approved supervisor.
Interns do not have a Medicare provider number, therefore they are not able to treat patients claiming Health Insurance, DVA, TAC, WS, or the Medicare enhanced primary care rebate. Intern appointments are unavailable online.

About Eideann (Eden)
Eideann has completed a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and is currently finishing a Master degree in Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University.

Eideann grew up in Geelong & was an active participant in local swimming, basketball, and rowing clubs. She previously trained in Nursing & Midwifery & has a special interest in women’s health and paediatrics. Eideann is very excited to build her knowledge base, treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions,  alongside and under direct supervision,  with the team at GOHC Clinic. Eideann has been working in the outpatient Clinic at VU since 2022 and has also gained valuable clinical experience through placements at Windana Drug and Alcohol Centre. When Eideann is not studying or working she enjoys travelling to explore different cultures, spending time at the beach with her family and is currently trying to learn Spanish to keep up with her partner and son.

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