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DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs)

DVA patients are issued with either a White or Gold card. White card holders are entitled to have Osteopathic treatment for a specific conditions or body region. Gold card holders are entitled to have Osteopathic treatment on any region of the body as required. 


To visit the clinic as a DVA patient, you must have a referral from a GP which is valid for 12 months. 


The Osteopath will discuss the frequency of treatment which you require. All Osteopathic consultations are bulk billed and referrals are valid for 12 treatments or one year, whichever comes first. 

For more information regarding eligibility for DVA Osteopathic treatment or to make an appointment please call Geelong Osteopathic and Healthcare Clinic on 5229 8021. 

NB: DVA do not allow concurrent treatment i.e. they will not fund Osteopathic treatment if you are currently receiving Physiotherapy or Chiropractic services. You are only able to receive one form of manual treatment at one time.  

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