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Types of techniques

Treatment typically involves the specific use of manual procedures such as:-

1 Soft tissue & stretching techniques.
These work on the soft tissues surrounding joints to relax muscles which are hypertonic (too tight), move tissue fluids (oedema) & release myofascial (fibrous tissue) layers. Sometimes deep pressure (inhibition techniques), similar to shiatsu or trigger point therapy are used to release muscle tensilon.

2 Muscle energy technique.
In this technique, contracted muscles are released by alternately being stretched & made to work against resistance.

3 Articulation.
Joints are passively (& usually repeatedly) taken through their range of movement to work on the joints themselves & any surrounding soft tissues e.g. ligaments which may be restricting their movement.

4 Functional technique.
This involves gentle movement of joints in a way which identifies & then challenges the barriers to normal movement until the restriction to motion is released & normal joint function is restored.

5- Manipulation/Mobilisation.
Involves rapidly moving a joint through a very small range of movement to restore the normal range of motion. This technique is well known for the audible release (crack or pop) that is often produced. Osteopathic manipulation is carried out using minimal force in order to maximise safety & minimise patient discomfort.

6- Cranio-sacral technique.
A gentle release technique applied mainly to the skull & sacrum which is particularly suited to babies, young children and the physically frail.

7- Dry Needling.
Some Osteopaths at the clinic use this techniques , which is similar to Acupuncture. Please call the clinic to make an appointment on 5229 8021 (Geelong) 9731 1111 (Werribee) if you require this technique, 



Other treatment modalities are sometimes employed, such as ultrasound, in conjunction with the above. We always aim to use the most gentle techniques we can, but if you are experiencing discomfort at any stage, please let the Osteopath know. Similarly, if there are any procedures or techniques which you do not wish to be used, please advise us.

At Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic, the Osteopaths do not believe that just treating a patient is enough. As part of the treatment programme, patients may also be given advice on diet, exercise, posture, lifestyle and stress. Patients are encouraged to actively participate in the therapeutic process and are often given advice on home management strategies. In many cases, exercises will be prescribed to help manage the condition and prevent recurrence.We can write individual patient management plans to optimise improvement.

NOTE: For WorkSafe patients, Osteopaths work together with rehabilitation officers and structure individual return to work programmes, ergonomic assessment and advice. 

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