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What conditions do Osteopaths treat?

Osteopaths treat a wide range of mechanical problems from simple joint strains to more complex problems involving several areas of the body. At Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic we see patients of all ages with many different problems, from sport, work related or car accident injuries to arthritis & common low back strain. We treat all joints & muscles in the body, from the big toe to the little finger!


For sports people, if you have a problem which is preventing you from performing at your best, Osteopathic treatment can help you reach your peak level of fitness. 

When treating employees who have been injured at work, we aim to keep time away from work to a minimum & can structure individual return to work & modified duty programmes.

Osteopaths also treat other conditions in which a mechanical component may be present, like asthma, migraines/ headaches, nausea & indigestion. Problems in different body organs can produce referred pain in distant areas. Osteopathic treatment can often give relief from symptoms when other remedies have failed.

Some of the common conditions we treat are as follows:-

  • Pregancy- It goes without saying there are huge changes in the body as a woman goes through pregnancy. Back pain can be one of the problems due to significant postural changes occurring. We have successfully treated many women throughout their pregnancies, and find that gentle Osteopathic treatment can bring great relief whilst having the added advantage of avoiding drugs. Additionally, Osteopathy can help the body prepare for birth and help restore normal function when the baby is born.

  • Headaches (Cervicogenic, tension, TMJ headaches, etc.)

  • Migraines

  • Jaw pain/ TMJ dysfunction (clicking and popping of the jaw)

  • General shoulder pain

  • Rotator cuff strains/ tears/ tendinopathies  

  • Bursitis 

  • Biceps tendinopathies 

  • Tennis elbow

  • Golfers elbow

  • RSI (repetitive strain injuries) 

  • Wrist injuires

  • RSI (Repetitive strain injuries) 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (and other nerve irritations) 

  • Tingling in the hands 

  • BACK PAIN-  is a common complaint that we treat & in most cases this is caused by overstraining the structural components of the back. Whilst this can be extremely painful, most cases are not serious if treated promptly. At this clinic, we are not only interested in getting you back on your feet again, but preventing further recurrence. Problems caused by postural strain e.g. sitting at a computer all day, respond well to Osteopathic treatment.

  • Disc bulges 

  • Muscle strains 

  • Disc degeneration/ simple wear and tear 

  • Lack of motion 

  • ACL/ PCL sprains/ tears 

  • Meniscus pathologies 

  • Tendonopathies around the knee 

  • Muscle tightness

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee 

  • Ankle sprains 

  • Achilles tendinopathies

  • Lack of motion 

  • General foot pains 

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