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10 Good reasons to see an Osteopath

  1. You might not have to live with your current pain and discomfort!

  2. We offer a wide range of different Osteopathic techniques in order to fully optimise individual treatment programmes for patients

  3. We are competent in & offer an individual approach to rehabilitation, exercise & training programmes

  4. There are no age barriers. We treat babies to senior citizens

  5. If we can’t help you we will tell you

  6. We do not recommend ongoing prolonged treatment

  7. Treatment cost may partially be covered by Workcover, TAC & DVA. A rebate is available from all major health funds & Medicare (subject to GP referral)

  8. We do not just treat the spine or solely use spinal manipulation, we treat the whole body

  9. The entire consultation time is spent with an Osteopath

  10. Treatment is drug free. Further treatment can reduce the reliance on medication

The Osteopaths here at Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic, believe that simply getting patients to keep returning for more treatment is not the best form of long term preventative care. The key to preventing health problems recurring, and to developing long term solutions, lies in increasing patients’ awareness of the causes of problems and in giving them the help they need to take responsibility for their own health.

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