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Dr Janine Parker (Osteopath)

Graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (London) in 1981 & subsequently awarded a first class honours degree through research (University of Westminster). Previous positions include:- Federal & State Secretary of Osteopathy Australia (previously AOA), lecturer in Osteopathic Science (RMIT), member of the Student Admission Selection Committee (RMIT), member of the Osteopathic Registration Board of Victoria. Having been involved in ballet & dance most of her life, Janine maintains a keen interest in the treatment and management of dance & sporting injuries. Janine and Kevin are the joint owners of Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic. Janine treats babies and children. 

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Dr Freddie Pang (Osteopath)

Graduated from the B.S.O. (London) in 1982. Freddie was a former Clinic tutor on the B.AppSc. Osteopathic course at RMIT and a former Osteopath to the Hong Kong Ballet Company and the Hong Kong Sea Wasps Athletic Association and Soccer Club. Freddie has many years of experience as an Osteopath in private practice & has been working at Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic since 1987.

Dr Ashwini Varanashi (Osteopath)

Ashwini completed her Masters degree at Victoria University in 2011. She enjoys treating a wide range of ages from babies to the elderly, using a variety of techniques. She has an interest in treating children and pregnant women after becoming a mother herself to 2 beautiful children. Ashwini has undergone additional training in Dry Needling and treating women with breastfeeding issues such as blocked ducts and mastitis.  She always strives to achieve the best outcomes for all her patients.

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Dr Craig Wallis (Osteopath)

Craig graduated from Victoria University in 2006. He completed his Masters degree through research, investigating the effect of manipulation on pain thresholds. Craig treats a variety of conditions with a particular interest in low back pain & headaches, & believes that educating people on how to prevent these common problems is very important. Craig supports the Osteopathic philosophy that health is achieved by treating the cause of pain, not just the symptomatic area. He is very passionate about Osteopathy & it's ability to support the body's natural healing process.

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Dr Sarah Sturges (Osteopath)

Graduating from Victoria University with a Masters of Osteopathy, Sarah enjoys treating general aches and pains, pregnancy, babies and children. She loves the journey of treating a pregnant mum and continuing the care to the baby. Sarah enjoys using a combination of direct (firmer), indirect (gentle) techniques, dry needling and cupping to suit a wide variety of patients. After 19 years of dance involvement and rowing at a national level, Sarah has a special interest in all sportspeople. She has the mindset that movement is medicine and she is passionate about getting you moving in the best way possible to facilitate your healing. Sarah also teaches Osteopathy at Victoria University.

"The body was made to move"- Sarah Sturges

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Dr Taylor Harris (Osteopath)

Taylor graduated from RMIT University in 2018 with a double degree in Osteopathy. She uses a range of manual therapy techniques including joint manipulations, soft tissue massage, dry needling and also very gentle indirect techniques. She enjoys providing you with advice on how to manage your condition at home. Taylor treats all areas of the body and all kinds of injuries, general aches and pains, but has a keen interest in neck and back pain, headaches/migraines and pre/post natal complaints. 

Taylor prides herself on really listening and understanding her patients needs and will endeavour to provide the best treatment outcomes for them. 

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Sam Quigley (Osteopath)

Sam Graduated from RMIT university in 2023 with a double degree in Osteopathy & health science. Sam is a Geelong local & enjoys being involved in the local sporting and fitness scene. He uses a range of manual therapy techniques including joint manipulation, muscle energy technique (MET), soft tissue massage and some gentle indirect techniques. Sam focuses not only on resolving his patients initial pain but also educates people on how to maintain a pain free state for the long term. Sam treats all areas of the body and all kinds of injuries with a particular interest in Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome and POTS. Sam values truly listening & understanding his patients situation and strives for the best treatment outcomes. 



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Michelle Lolait
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Paris Bray
Anna Dardagan
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