Medicare funding

Enhaced Primary Care(EPC)

Medicare may provide a rebate for Osteopathic services if a GP refers a patient for Osteopathic care under a chronic disease management plan (GPMP item 721). 

The purpose of such a plan is to improve quality of care for patients by improving access to allied health services such as Osteopathy, Podiatary and Dietetics. The care plan involves setting up a team care arrangement (TCA item 723), which may include a minimum of 3 healthcare providers, of which one is the GP.

The GP will assess whether the patient has a chronic medical condition and requires complex medical care. If so, the patient is eligible for referral to an Osteopath. It is at the discretion of the GP however, to determine whether the patient's chronic medical condition would benefit from Osteopathic treatment.

Medicare can provide a rebate for up to 5 Osteopathic treaments per calendar year. The patient then pays the gap between their clinic fee and the medicare rebate. When the 5 allocated services have been used, the patient must obtain a new referral. 

Chronic medical conditions include (but are not limited to) arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurological disorders. The condition is categorised as chronic once it has been present for more than 6 months. 

Medicare compliance states that the Osteopath must report back to the referring GP. At this clinic, an initial report is sent to the GP informing them that the patient has commenced treatment. The osteopaths then continue to inform the GP of the patients progress in writing. The Osteopaths at Geelong Osteopathic and Healthcare Clinic are registered  providers with Medicare Australia and are therefore eligible to provide Osteopathic treatment under this programme. 

For any enquires regarding the EPC programme, please do not hesitate to contact us on 5229 8021. 

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